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To Nanci’s prospective bride and groom on how we feel:

Although we have not finished our selection of prints for our album, my husband and I are extremely pleased with the results of the wedding photography.

The montage you (Nanci) created is a great example of your talent to incorporate the natural beauty of our venue and mood in one piece for your subjects.

We had specifically underscored our love of the outdoors when discussing the approach to our wedding. I feel you respected that interest and went out of your way to make our photos lush with verdant backgrounds.

I was especially pleased with the series of “before” wedding shots with my bridesmaids as we blushed, oohed and awed. We appreciate how you went to great pains to include all of the important members of our family and the wedding party. My sister-in-law commented that she didn’t think she has as many shots of herself at her own wedding!!! She was also extremely impressed with your skill and professionalism.

As per my husbands special request to catch his English relatives (with stiff upper lips) with smiles on their faces and big toothy grins-you did.

During the ceremony, your style of photography allowed us to enjoy the most intimate moments of our wedding without feeling overly spotlighted. I am looking forward to creating the finished album. Your personal touch added a great deal to our wedding day.

Sincerely, Jennifer Myers French

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