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Personalize Your Wedding Photography Package

personalized wedding photography packagesAs a wedding photographer, I meet couples with a broad range of needs and desires as far as wedding packages are concerned, and not all wedding photography packages are created equal. Different wedding photographers will provide very different products and services, so you need to decide beforehand what is most important to you, and then build a package based on those things. I offer several pre-made packages that fit the needs of many of my brides and grooms, but I also personalize packages to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

How do I choose what I want included in my personalized wedding package?

To plan your ideal wedding package, review the list below and identify your priorities. This way when you are reviewing specific packages from myself or other photographers, you will have an easier time comparing. Here are some things that you will encounter as package options:

  • Do I want a traditional Wedding Album with matted pictures in it?
  • Do I want a modern "Coffee Table" style album? These are press printed books with designer covers in leather, acrylic, metal, etc.
  • Do I want parent albums?
  • Do I want large prints in a Wedding Box?
  • Do I want pictures to be touched up by the photographer as needed, or not? Fixing blemishes and advanced digital editing is available.
  • Do I want individual prints for my own album? Small or large pictures?
  • Do I want pictures posted online so my friends and family can see and choose pictures to buy?
  • Do I want a proof book of mini pictures of my wedding?
  • Do I want a CD of all the pictures of my wedding that I can view?
  • Do I want a CD of the pictures of my wedding that I can print?
  • What is the cost difference of a CD of 4x6” printable pictures versus 5x7” pictures, versus 8x10” pictures? What is the difference between printable and viewable pictures?
  • Do I want a Wedding Wall Canvas?
  • Which ones on this list do I want included in my personalized package, and what do I want to decide to buy later? (ala carte is separate)

Click here to email me with your general priority list and see what I can do to create a personalized package for you. If you would like specific prices on individual items to help you to decide what is best for you, let me know which items you're considering and I'll give you an outline of the costs. You can also call me at (707) 253-7594 to plan out a wedding package on the phone. Putting together the perfect personalized wedding photography package that will fulfill your needs and respect your budget is what Nanci Kerby Photography is all about!

Click here for information about Nanci's pre-designed Wedding Photography Packages

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