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Pre-Natal Portraiture

Your Pregnancy Portrait

When considering an appropriate setting for your Napa Valley prenatal portrait, you might consider relaxing quietly in a beautiful vineyard, holding flowers in a sunny field of yellow mustard, or finding a lush secret garden to surround yourself with; on the other hand, you might prefer the quiet warmth of a cozy armchair, with the contours of your pregnant body tenderly wrapped in your grandmother's favorite blanket, or snuggled into a sheepskin rug, soft against your bare skin. It's your baby, it's your pregnancy, and you want to remember it as a very special moment in your personal history.

I believe that as a female photographer and mother myself, I bring a degree of comfort to my pregnant female subjects during our photography session, allowing a new mommy to be her natural self in a sensitive situation. You can choose to pose however you feel most comfortable, and we can explore the options of how to best record your prenatal memories.

It's ideal to “pre-book” your pre-natal portrait so that it falls on a date around the 8 month mark of your pregnancy. This will ensure that you wait until just the right moment to record this life-changing event.

Your maternity portrait can capture many facets of your personality and be as romantic, funny, or sweet as you want it to be. Do you want a soft, artistic and dream-like portrait, or fresh, dynamic and humorous photo? Whatever you want to record as you prepare to become a mom, we can create together.

Think about how you would like to remember yourself for several days ahead of our session, so that you can describe it in detail, and I can capture what you envision. I like to have you bring two different changes of clothes, so we can try different looks, but you are welcome to bring more as well.

This is a professional portrait that you will cherish, and a keepsake for your little one, who in the future will look upon it and wonder  “How could I ever have fit there in Mommy's tummy?”

Contact me if you have questions or would like to know more about having your pregnancy photos taken: nanci@nancikerby.com


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